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The Rescheduling of "Women: The Creative Edge" Competition

Women: The Creative Edge May 2022

The Eccles Art Center has rescheduled the annual “Women: The Create Edge” Competition to May 2022.  Invitations have been emailed to Women artists in Utah.  The EAC staff is excited to receive so many emailed pre-registration.  To date we have heard from the following women artists: Nila Jane Autry, Carol Biddle, Stephanie Carter-Nielsen, Barb Crosbie, Dr Judy Elsley, Laura Haney, Kristy Hawkes, Carma Hart-Fuller, Susan Johnson, Beatriz Killpack, Gail Meakins, Hadley Anne Rampton, Heather Rison, Anita Eralie Schley, Molly Soderquist, Brianna Thaxton, and Karen Thurber.  We are anticipating representing more women artists in this exciting exhibit.

If you are a Utah Woman Artists, and are interested in knowing more about this competition; visit: