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Beginning Acrylic Painting: Explore the foundations of working with acrylic paint and how you can discover the simplest and most effective way for a beginner to learn how to paint successfully. Develop your own unique style while exploring the tools and techniques to make a great painting from start to finish. Practice the elements of acrylic painting, creativity, and brushwork. Students will learn new approaches to art and creativity while expressing emotions with paint at their own pace with one-on-one guidance. Techniques like layering, color mixing, and varnishing will be demonstrated. Students will walk away with confidence to continue to explore their creative abilities. Class size is set at minimum 5 students with a maximum 15 students.  No experience necessary.

Instructor: Clarissa Sizemore

Dates: 6 week course September 20, through October 25, 2023
Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm

Tuition: $40 members, non-members $45

Supplies List:
Acrylic paint set
Brush set
Canvas ( 9x10 or smaller)
*optional* Varnish (gloss matte or satin)

Works by Clarissa Sizemore, instructor

Beginning Acrylic Painting
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