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Located in the historic home of David & Bertha Eccles in Ogden's historic Jefferson District, the Eccles Community Art Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to a continued effort to stimulate interest, foster awareness and provide education in all visual and performing arts.

We believe our community is enhanced through the arts and encourage you to get involved! Check out our educational opportunities and upcoming events. Want to volunteer your talents? There’s an opportunity to match your skills.

Current Exhibits

Women: The Creative Edge Competition - Main Gallery & Carriage House

Upcoming Events & Exhibits

March 2024:

April, 2024:

May, 2024:

  • Exhibition of works by Artist Suzanne Storer
  • Colors of Pride Competition - Entry Deadline May 31st

June, 2024: 

  • Colors of Pride Competition Exhibit - Main Gallery & Carriage House Gallery
  • Traces of the West Competition - Entry Deadline June 28th

The arts play a vital role in our society. In fact, without the arts, much of our history, expression and culture would be virtually nonexistent.

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