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Seasonal Gratitude

Thank you

As we know, November is the month of Thanksgiving!  On behalf of the staff of the Eccles Art Center; I would like to share our gratitude.  The Eccles Art Center staff is thankful for our members, community and foundation partners, patrons, artists and volunteers.  Your support and participation in our events, classes, and exhibits assist us in the fulfillment of the Eccles Art Center’s mission.

Through the Eccles Art Center’s membership donations, foundation and community support grants, and funds raised through a variety of fundraising events and projects; the Eccles Art Center obtains its annual operating funds.  This generosity allows the center to be an active participant in our community.  Over the last year, we have provided art supplies to Elementary students in Ogden and Weber County Schools, and participated in community (like the Harvest Moon Festival) and educational events (like the Museum Fair at the New Bridge school).  We have partnered with the Weber County Heritage Foundation volunteers for their annual house tour and other happenings. The center has supported the local artists and economy with the Saturday, Summer Art Fair, and representation in our galleries.

The Utah artists which participate in the center’s statewide competition, Summer Art Fair or are represented through exhibits and in the Carriage House Gallery are truly gifted individuals as are the artists that teach for and at the center.  The EAC staff enjoy meeting and speaking with you.  We are especially pleased when we can handle purchase for you, or register a student for your class, and mail you a check.

Our volunteers are extremely important to the smooth operation of the Eccles Art Center.  Volunteers staff the Carriage House Gallery, represent local artists’ work, provide background information, present house tours, handle sales as well as a myriad of other duties.  And, then there is the center’s volunteer board, who provide direction and expertise.   The Eccles Art Center’s staff are looking forward to the return of our educational program volunteers.  Dear volunteers, we appreciate you, and your dedication.  We know that not only do you support the Eccles Art Center with your time, but many of you shop the Carriage House Gallery as well as sharing the secret of this fantastic local shopping venue with your friends. 

On behalf of myself and the other members of the Eccles Art Center’ staff, I say thank you.  We are grateful for you and your continued support.  We wish you the best during this holiday season!

Debra Muller, Assistant director