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Weber County Plein Air

Weber County Plein Air


As we are mid-way through the plein air exhibit, I am impressed by the number of visitors that enjoy this display. They enjoy seeing the representational art of their own community. Street and landscape scenes that are familiar. The boundaries set for this competition where the boundaries of Weber County. It includes paintings of the Swift plant, the grain elevators, barns in Eden and the Roy Sacco’s fruit stand. Each artist had to choose a scene to paint in the outdoors or in plein air.

The competition sponsor Heather Hess Lindquist has shared painting from past plein air competition. These works are on display in the center’s dining room. She has purchased the original the advertising winner since the inception of this Ogden Arts Festival competition. Her collection is becoming a visual history of Ogden. Many of her paintings include buildings and businesses that are Ogden landmarks, others include transient businesses that have moved on, been torn down or renovated. We are pleased that she is willing to share her plein air collection. It is delightful to revisit a favorite image of the past or to remember a childhood memory while looking at an oil painting of Farr’s ice cream.