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Chair Yoga for Healthy Brain and Vibrant Wellbeing: This class is recommended for the 50 + age group who are inspired to push beyond the challenges of aging- stiffness, pain, arthritis, energy decline, cognitive decline, depression, chronic health challenges and others – to live healthy vibrant lives. As a long time student of mind-body health and wellbeing, the instructor understands that cultivating resilience – the ability to respond to stressors (internal and external, physical and psychological) in the moment and return to a state of equanimity is possible with slow, intentional movement and focused breathing.

This class will focus on soothing breathing practices, slow mindful, repetitive movements to build neuroplasticity and strong resilient body and mind.

Props—Wall, Chair, Walker, Strap, Yoga Blocks and Yoga Mat

Instructor: Deborah Barnes-Allan

Fridays, Beginning June 16, 2023

10:00 to 11:00 a.m.

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