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BUILD A STRONG RESILIENT IMMUNE SYSTEM: PRACTICE MINDFUL MOVEMENT AND THE SELF- CARE ART OF JIN SHIN JYUTSU: During this 6-week course you will become familiar with the Self-Care Art pf Jin Shin Jyutsu, healing meditation, breath work, and gentle movement all woven together to boost your immune system, vitalize you energy and reduce your stress. (STRESS is the number one cause of all illnesses!) This is a 6-week workshop.  Drop-ins are not accepted

Instructor: Deborah Barnes-Allen is a certified Jin shin Jyutsu Practitioner and instructor of the Self-Care Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.  Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient hands on healing practice from Japan, the uses acupressure holds to release stagnation and create smooth energy flows for better health and wellbeing.  As a student of ancient energy healing arts for over 30 years, I have created and presented many workshops for women’s groups, assisted living communities, LiveStrong Programs and wellness centers.  I share this knowledge so that others may experience the healing benefits that have changed my life and helped others to be more resilient, more energetic and vibrant.

Wednesday 11:00 - noon.     

Six Week Workshop: November 1, to December 6, 2023.     

Tuition: members $120, nonmembers:  $132.    This includes the price of your own mini healing booklet.   

This includes the price of your own mini healing booklet.
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